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Sell and buy all animals (Cows, goats, Rabbits, Chicken, ETC ) $ Pay less; From $10(UGX 35000),  access all farming systems and save more with FootMo Kit agriculture mobile bank and Order Our Veterinatry Dr and   access online Veterinary Services Starting with 100000 Uganda Shillings (25$ Us Dollars )

FootMo Kit is a low cost hand held device that screens animal diseases in livestock in remote and low resources areas by enabling local farmers increase farm outputs.

We also sell all types of farm systems including Farm records management system,animal genetics management system dairy management system and animal feeds management system

Key Activities

FootMo Kit (application) development

FootMo Kit (application) testing

FootMo Kit (application) deployment/implementation

FootMo Kit (application) maintenance

Users training about the usage of FootMo Kit to screen animal diseases

Farmers training about the signs, symptoms and prevention mechanisms of animal diseases.

Selling and buying of animals

Agricultural and farm training

Monitoring of climate change

Our Core Values





Creativity, Innovation and communication

Our Vision

To be the most dependable tool for screening animal diseases in Uganda, African and the world at large.

Our Mission

We are driven by the simple desire to boost food security and increase farmer’s income using technology through control of animal diseases.


5 districts in Uganda

2000 farmers

80 Veterinary Doctors

Our Team

Eng. Richard Mushusha

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mrs. Atuhaire Rebecca

Chief Operations Officer(C.O.O)

Mr. Bruce Bagarukayo

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Twijukye Brian

Chief Commercial Officer

Dr.Bataamye Aaron

Veterinary Doctor

Dr. Arimpa Joan

Veterinary Doctor


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